May 26, 2010

Nana KayKay, Former Feral Photo of the Day

Nana has been hanging out in my van with the rescued kittens all winter. We don't get too many opportunities to photograph her.
Nana KayKay

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There is a story behind her name: We were living in this area back in 1995 and it was Halloween. My son and daughter found a desperate, starving black cat on a wooded trail and she followed them home. That cat was dubbed Kaykay by one of my daughter Christa's friends.

This was just before we were to move to Washington, DC, so my sister took-in KayKay. When we were in DC we heard that KayKay had a litter of kittens before she was fixed. And some of those kittens went wild on the farm.

Right after we returned to this area in 2002 a black kitten appeared in the colony and my daughter named in Mini KayKay. He was a boy, but so what... Later one more black cat appeared and my daughter named him Micro KayKay. You see the pattern here.

When Gray Cat appeared in the colony and brought us kittens, she had a black one that Christa named Nano KayKay. Later I started calling her Nana just because it sounded better. All of Gray Cat's babies were tamed by us but only one found its own home.

Nana-Nano KayKay Cat in field, watching
Nana/Nano KayKay peruses her hunting grounds

Nevertheless, Nana has a home with me. And while she doesn't like hanging around with a bunch of cats, she does enjoy the privilege of hunting field mice - a specialty of the farm.

Expired film, Canon A2, Kodak 400 Max, 28-105mm lens

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