May 24, 2010

Lucy Stalks A Deer, Cat Photo of the Day

It's her yard, after all... and she means business. It's Lucy versus The Deer...
 Venison, the taste cats naturally crave... or something like that. The deer is wary...

Lucy the cat investigates a deer in the yard
Hmm... it seems a bit large. And it's not trying to run away. Mom! What do I do with this thing?
Lucy runs for home
Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor.

Lucy the cat portrait on film, Kodak 400 Max, Canon A2, 28-105mm lens
Lucy will wait for a different adventure - another day.

Photographed on traditional film; Canon A2, Kodak 400 Max (expired film so the exposure was a bit off).


  1. I must say that I was so disturbed by yesterdays post! Every time I thought about it my stomach flopped. hard to believe people can be so cruel. But this is delightful! Thank you for ll your awesome pictures!

  2. This is a wonderful series of pictures! It really made me laugh! Thanks for having this blog Chriss.

  3. Thank you. Catching this Lucy/deer encounter was a delightful bit of luck.

    As for the previous post. I feel very bad about those things too and often debate what kind of news I should be sharing. I try to balance my own sensitivities and the sensitivities of others with the need the cats have to let the world know what they have to go through, to see and read their stories. That's what I'm here for.


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