May 20, 2010

Orange Half-Tail, Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Orange Half-Tail

Part of the peculiar genetics in the local feral cat colonies... Not too long ago, I was finally able to share a picture of Gray Half-Tail guy. Now we have Orange Half-tail. There are several bobtail kitties among the ferals but they may be the only half-tailed cats.

Orange half-tail feral tom cat

The first bobtails we saw were among the first kittens to be rescued. Of course, the colony existed long before I was here so it's hard to say how far back one would find this genetic variant.

Lucy and Hammie
First ever rescued bobtail kittens: Hammie & Lucy - 2006


  1. wow! are hammie and lucy from the same litter? hammie's sooo much bigger than lucy!

  2. Hammie was found/rescued first. Lucy was rescued about a week or so later, from a different location.

    I have always thought that they were each sole survivors of different litters but it is possible that the same mom abandoned them in different locations a week apart and the size difference is just genetics (Lucy is a small cat as an adult, Hammie is big).


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