May 17, 2010

Widget Cat, Former Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Widget The Cat
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Widget The Cat, one of the lucky ones; he was rescued from the feral life as a kitten and has had his own home since then. He's mostly an indoor cat, too, so this was a rare opportunity to photograph him.

 Mostly living indoors with lots of toys, getting to play outside is a treat for Widget

He's learned how to open the screen door of his home, you see. Very impressive, Widget, very clever. This escape method can be thwarted but who wants to deny Widget his moment of glory?

Widget Cat goes outdoors

It's a good trick, really. He's watched the outdoors from windows for so many years and now he has engineered his freedom.

Widget the Cat is now king of the world. He wants to see everything and do everything.

Widget Cat Thinking about what to do next

It's hard to know what to do next. I'm sure Widget spent many hours daydreaming about what he would do when he escaped, but now it seems so overwhelming.

Widget had a pretty good time outdoors. He saw kitties and grass and birds ... But soon enough, he was back at his door, meowing to be let in (he hasn't figured out how to open it from the outside yet). Widget has a good home with lots of toys and food and fresh water. He just likes a little adventure once in a while.

Lucky Widget the former feral

Lucky Widget

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