Jun 4, 2010

Above Twilight

Near sunrise ...close to sunset; these are the best times to photograph feral cats. They are just awakening, or they are settling in for a snooze. They are hungry.
Asleep in the Fading Light

Above twilight - when it is not quite daylight and not dark either. There are complications to low light photography, though - like long exposures, making it difficult to use telephoto lenses (long lenses amplify your every move and there are bound to be some moves during a long exposure). But we make new discoveries along the way...

Kittens Black & White
These two feral kittens have been hiding somewhere - they are hungry. I made sure they got some food. I don't know who the mother is but I'm working on finding out.

Feral kitties, even the ones we care for, often prefer to live in the shadows. There is safety in the twilight of the world ..just out of sight. But there is also danger there: Danger that no one will know you are alive. No one will know that you need help.

And speaking of help: For giving these beautiful cats the attention they deserve, I want to thank Love Meow - for blogging about this photoblog and rescue project. It's all about the ferals, and this was a wonderful thing to do for them. Thank you.

Thank you, too, to those who made contributions recently. It is much appreciated. I would mention you by name but I didn't ask permission first so I won't. But you know who you are and you know that the kitties would thank you too if they could.


Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of our loss of Flojo, the world's greatest tabby cat. I wrote about it on Twitter but I feel the need to mention her here. There is a memorial page I wrote several years ago... my daughter re-read it yesterday because I posted about it.

Memorial to Flojo The Cat, worlds most wonderful tabby

My daughter wrote to me yesterday, talking about how she missed Flojo on the anniversary of her loss. She talked about how Flojo would wait for her to wake up and she would start purring as soon as my daughter opened her eys... and she wrote, "I don't think something or someone else could love me that much again..." It's true, a cat friend is the best friend you'll ever have.

Flojo The Cat, companion, friend, brilliant mind... 1999 to 2003
We miss you, Flojo.

Well, the good that came out of this horrible tragedy is that this is how I became involved with feral cat rescue; out of loss, new beginnings. I just wish it didn't have to be that way.

I have some other sad new on my heart, too, but I will deal talk about it another time. Thank you for being here to share the lives of these kitties.

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