Jun 5, 2010

Widget The Escape Artist

'Scape Cat
It seems like I captured Widget on film not that long ago but here he is again. Widget is a former feral cat. He isn't my kitty but he does have a loving home. Recently, this very clever cat figured out how to open the door of his home to escape. He's very proud of himself for learning that trick.

Now if we just had more homes for future Widgets....

Homes have been harder to come by, lately. It might be the economy. It might be that there are just too many cats having kittens out there.

I try to keep the population down but there are always one or two females that have managed to evade capture. I've been practicing with a throwing net to try to improve my ability to selectively capture the ones that really need it - but it's a lot harder than it looks!

Anyway, I just keep working on it....

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