Jul 2, 2010

If You are on Facebook....

We could use your help. The "we" here is figurative; I need you to help my friends... There is this thing called Chase Community Giving and they are giving money to charities. The top 200 charities get some money and there are several cat charities that need you...

United Paws - VOTE!

Please vote for United Paws; they help me rescue cats. This isn't me - I'm not a charity, I'm just me. But United Paws has been so helpful; I don't know what I would do without them.

There are others who need you too, like Save a Gato ... you get to vote for up to 20 charities but, as I am writing this, there are only 10 days left to vote.

There are so many suffering animals out there, I'd like to see all my friends stand up and be counted. You know, lots of people think about doing good things - this is one of those rare times where actually doing something really good is about as easy as thinking about it.

Will you help? Please vote.

If you are looking for others to vote for, my voting list is here. (Hopefully this link will work). This is by no means complete but it gives you some other worthy charities to consider in spreading your 20 votes around.

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