Sep 11, 2010

A Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats (Cat News)

Craig Grant wasn't a cat person, yet through a series of events he became the man who built a whole miniature village for cats. Man Builds Cat-Sized Village for Homeless Cats - Planet Green

Hopefully he's learned the benefits of spay/neuter by now but in any case it would be nice if all homeless cats could find such a good friend.

We're not so fancy around here. I built my first feral cat shelter in 2002 or 2003, I think. It's functional but ugly. And they didn't get any better from there. However, the cats don't seem to mind that much.

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  1. This blog post was passed on to us by team member Patty of ArtAndSewForth. I'm so glad she did. That is an interesting village.


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