Sep 10, 2010

WiShe The Tuxedo Kitten Today

WiShe Kitten Today
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Rescued from the feral life only recently, here is WiShe today. Wishe needs a home.

Wishe is about 9 weeks old now ...She's a BIG girl (much bigger than her brother Spot) ...I'm guessing that she's probably part Maine Coon. Although she was a feral kitten, she loves people now.

You can see her first captures here and here. I don't know why momma cat abandoned these babies. Perhaps she was just too stressed out by the feral life. Thankfully, they seem pretty healthy now.

Fuzzy WiShe Kitten

The name comes from a mix of two cats we lost this year: Willem DeKooning, the beautiful Maine Coon, and Shemp the black and white Tuxedo cat. You can see that she has a certain amount of Maine Coon fluff, and her size also made me think of Willie. Her color, though, says Shemp.
How can anyone resist this face?
I hope she finds a loving forever home. I'm not going to whine but my own recent health problems make me question how long I will be here to take care of the many feral cats of Sandlake. I'm very particular about kitties getting safe homes, you know, but if I'm not here then how safe is this place? Anyway....

Wishe would love to have home with brother Spot. If you have room, drop me a line... Let's hope for the best for them.....

portrait of a tuxedo feral kitten


  1. I remember them, her brother with the eye infection when you found nursed them back to health, hope they can find a place to call home safe inside...

  2. was Wishee ever adopted? She looks exactly like my rescue Judy who I adopted as an adult cat. Like, EXACTLY the same.

  3. Yes, although that was several years ago. Not sure where she ended up!


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