Oct 18, 2010

A Panda in the Woods

Panda the feral cat, a young tom, hiding in the woods

Keeping a suspicious eye on me while trying to look nonchalant, it's Panda, the surviving member of the Panda twins and brother of Mort. That litter of feral kittens had a very unfortunate time with respiratory illnesses that went through the feral colony.

Often, all of the cats are just fine for a long period of time. I feed them, and they get along. Then some virus shows up and decimates the colony. It's just the cruelty of the powers that be, I guess. Panda and Mort's litter happened to be little when one of those bugs hit. Out of a litter of 5 only the two survived. And Mort only survived through capture and medical intervention.

There were other litters where there were no survivors.

Panda is a beautiful cat. I wish his twin brother were still here to enjoy life.


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