Oct 14, 2010

Young Brown Tabby Cat

little brown tabby cat, a feral, rests in the sun

The feral cat photo of the day, I happened to catch young Brown Tabby resting a bit in the fading sunlight. It's fall now and you have to catch your moments where you find them.

He didn't ask to be born in these difficult circumstances but he has learned to live with them. We know that, because he's still here with us. He seems pretty happy and well-adjusted. He's afraid of people but you'd expect that.

His mom has been a master of trap-avoidance, which is unfortunate. But she's a good mom and Brown's life is a testament to that. For her attentiveness and doting care, we give her a gold star.  I just wish her son could have a better life and a loving home.  On the other hand, this is the only life he's ever known so is it terrible?

Well, these feral cats have good lives - for feral cats. There is weather, there are hazards, but there is also food and some shelter. The kitties are grateful. And the thanks go to those who have made this possible; it isn't me - I just dish out the food and rescue those that I can. It's really the people who make it possible to buy the food and build the shelters through prints and donations and such.... So on behalf of the feral cats... thank you.

Brown Tabby happens to be print-friendly.

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