Oct 21, 2010

Random Road Kitty

During a bike ride, I stopped for a break and this pretty little orange and white cat decided to investigate me. It seems very sweet, so it's either a pet or a so-called "stray" (I say, "discarded" because that's the truth). There were houses nearby so I left it alone but remember this is a ROAD ...people, keep your cats indoors unless you have a very safe play area for them. And a road is NOT it.

This picture was taken with my little pocket camera, not one of the big ones so it's not the best, and the sky was discolored from some kind of forest fire or slash burn, which gave it all an interesting warm glow. So even though this is a low-res picture, it still has some interesting artistic merit, I think. The shadow kitty is standing in is my bike and me.

I hope this  kitty manages to stay safe!

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