Oct 22, 2010

An Interrupted Bath

Cleaning oneself is a very important part of being a kitty but with that stupid camera around it's hard to get any privacy! Even though the camera is a long ways away  ....  what was that sound?

We know we heard ...something ... but what?  Kitties need their baths; some estimates say that these ritual baths remove up to 90 percent of fleas and other parasites each day. If a kitty stops bathing itself, it can die of anemia due to flea infestation. Fortunately, we don't let that happen.   There's that sound again....

Busted!  Fluffy orange and white "Son Of Son of Sick Boy" has spotted the far-off one-eyed monster that so often watches kitties in this colony.

We'll leave him alone and let him get back to his all-important bath....

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