Oct 25, 2010

A Tiny Tabby

I spotted this little tabby kitten the other day while on my feeding rounds. It's such a tiny little thing. I guess it's part of a previously unknown litter. I don't know which cat is the mom, either. There aren't many unfixed females left in the feral colonies but there are probably two or three.
Little tiny tabby kitten has  a lot to think about. For this little tabby, the world is brand new...
It would be tempting to try to capture and tame little tiny tabby but I still have my last captured kittens, Wishe and Spot, and they still don't have homes. And with the state of the economy, I'm not optimistic about their prospects of finding forever homes, either. That is sad...

So I guess, barring some miracle, tiny tabby will have to face life as a feral cat. I'll just do my best for them.

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