Dec 21, 2010

Handsome Widget Cat

Widget the tabby cat explores the world

Looking healthy and handsome, rescued former feral Widget The Cat has taken to having regular daily outings. It all started when he learned how to open the door to escape. Now he has a routine.

Just to make it clear, Widget is not my cat. Widget is Bob's cat and Bob lives in his own little motorhome on a different part of the ranch. I think that in general keeping a cat indoors is the safer approach although it's just about impossible with the number of cats for which I provide care these days. I know others will disagree.

On the good side, Widget has lost weight; he was getting to be a fat boy when he lived indoors all the time. I do worry about coyotes but most if not all of those problems have been at night - and Widget is only out during daylight hours.


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