Dec 19, 2010


During the day, you might hardly see a cat around... except at feeding time. This group is just a small portion of the cats that show up for this morning feeding. Since they are fed at multiple locations I can't get them all in one shot.
At the same moment as those in the picture above, another group feeds....

Again, another small portion of the total. At the back of this group, trying to keep a low profile, you may recognize Punk Tom.

It's a lot of cats! And it takes a lot of food. But also,  of course, every cat you see here has been captured in a live trap at one time or another, and taken to a vet for spay/neuter services.  We're all just one big family here.


  1. Great job. I have the same situation at my house, and unfortunatly all over the city. Neutering and spaying is the key though. Your lucky if you have access to a clinic or low spay cost. I just have to do what I can, when I can.

  2. Thank you. At first it was all full price spays, and I could only afford them here and there. Then for a while we had some good opportunities with a mobile spay/neuter operation called The Neuter Scooter, and that helped a lot - we got a bunch of cats done. But I guess local vets threw a fit and managed to get them banned so now it's full cash price only. Very sad.

    Thankfully, we've gotten some help from a local organization called United Paws. Maybe there is something like that in your area?


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