Dec 17, 2010

Rescue Cat Pesky, How She's Grown!

Pesky, the former feral kitten now a tame rescued cat - how she's grown

Pesky the former feral kitten has grown so much! Once upon a time, she was a small and very sick little kitten. She had given up on life. She nearly died. But she was one of the lucky ones. She became tame and a lover of people. Her recovery was amazing: See the story here.

Always curious, often interested in attention and still a kitten at heart - Pesky is still here and happy to be alive.

So how did Pesky get her name? I could just say I ran out of creative ideas at that moment but it also seemed to fit her. Once she got well, she became a rather hyperactive kitten for a while - a real curtain climber. She also like climbing people and riding on shoulders. If she was awake, you'd always know it. She was adorable and know, PESKY.  Thus the name.  She's calmed down a bit - not so much curtain climbing but still very friendly.


  1. Pesky looks amazing - I couldn't believe the transformation when I read the back story. Thank you!


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