Feb 20, 2011

Lovely Fran The Former Feral Cat

beautiful rescue Siamese cat Fran, closeup blue eyes portrait

I really like this picture of beautiful Fran, the former feral cat. She was once a feral kitten, Siamese-ish, but she got very sick and to her credit sought help.

Although I've tried to find her a home of her own, we haven't had much luck with that... so she still lives in my van, which she shares with her adopted brother Mort and cousin Nano KK, and roams my sister's farm.

Fran's name comes from combination of two things: First there was/is another rescue cat who is rather Siamese-ish too, whom we named Frank  - for Frank Sinatra, as in "Old Blue Eyes" ...

Second but equally important, she's also named after an even more lovely and talented cat lady friend, Fran from Alberta. She is a true angel.

Thanks for being there, Fran.


  1. She's beautiful. I hope you are able to find her a home with a couch to sleep on!

  2. Beautiful cat. I hope she finds that home she can be forever loved in.

  3. I hope she gets a good home. I hope they all do, of course. Cute cat.


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