Mar 11, 2011

Black Cat In The Brush

Today was the day I abandoned the cats. Most of them anyway. We had a tsunami alert and we had to leave. I took as many as I could and left. I would have taken more but my van is not running so I was limited. It was very sad and I wanted to cry.

Fortunately, everything here survived. Not everyone has been so lucky. I feel better again.

The kitties here have pretty good lives for feral cats. It's still a long ways from being pampered pets, but they  have something that approaches a decent life. They don't know how fortunate they are - especially on days like today.


  1. Glad you all are ok and were able to get back to the rest of the cats! Have been watching this all on tv and is horrible

  2. Yes, we are very close to the ocean although you can't see it from here. You can hear the roar of the ocean outside anytime and even inside when it's rough. We're within a half mile or so, and maybe 10 feet above sea level?

  3. awww =( I hope they were all OK, even if you don't get to find out for yourself.
    great pic, btw! I love black cats.

  4. We were fortunate. We were gone a few hours and then were allowed back - no damage. So everyone is okay.


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