Mar 23, 2011

Fat Cat Basquiat

One of the earliest rescued kittens, Basquiat is named after that abstract painter because I was into that, in those days. Once upon a time, Basquiat was a tiny fuzzy black kitten, dying from exposure. We saved him.

I remember him growing up as a very sleek kitty who flew gracefully through the air as he leaped from one thing to another. Times have changed.

Some percentage of cats just get fat when they are fixed and Basquiat is one of those. He is huge and spends most of his time sleeping except for all that eating. And it's pretty clear now that he will probably be here the rest of his life. He would have been a good pet, though.


  1. He is gorgeous! I love reading about all the cats.

  2. Thank you. Being one of the original rescue-cats, Basquiat has found his own little barn niche and manages to keep warm and comfy. While he used to be very much people cat, he's gotten a bit shy over the years -- although I can still pet him.

    We don't see him outdoors very often. :)

  3. He's certainly a whopper! Great photo and gorgeous cats :)

  4. Hi is SUCH a beauty! Lots to love there!

  5. Interestingly, he still leaps 5 vertical feet on a daily basis. I don't know how he does it.

    One feeding station that always has some dry food is an elevated one, about 5 feet up. I feed on the ground too but the food at the racoon-proof elevated spot has more food on it and it stays there longer. ( PROTIP: Raccoons can't jump. They can climb but if there is nothing to hold onto, and they have to jump for something, they are out of luck. Thus the elevated feeding station. )


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