Mar 18, 2011

Punk Tom Wonders

Punk tom cat wonders about life
The lovable and scary-looking, oft-photographed Punk Tom appears to be wondering about something. If he is, it's probably when there will be food available ...or perhaps he's wondering if I'm going to chase him. He looks really tough but I've never seen him fight. He's scary enough just looking at him. And mostly he avoids me.


REMINDER:  I am presently GIVING AWAY an original watercolor seascape painting. To enter, all you have to do is COMMENT on the giveaway post on my art blog (link below). That's it.

I hope you will participate! Again, you have to go there and leave a comment that includes some way for me to identify you if you win (suggestions are included in the rules). I will pick a random winner from among commenters on that post in a few weeks. I need to get at least 10 people participating, though, and so far I don't have them.

Go to: Watercolor Painting Giveaway @

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