Mar 20, 2011

Wishe and Spotty's Outdoor Adventure

It's kind of an impossible photo situation: A mostly black cat in shade with a mostly white cat partially in the sun. I think I did about as well as could be expected under the circumstances.  IN PHOTO: Rescue kittens Wishe (L) and Spot (R) are not only siblings but friends. It was a rare dry day and they needed some exercise while I worked outdoors.  It's just too bad that they've never found forever homes. I continue to HOPE for them - but they get harder to re-socialize as time passes.

You know, I'm not a good person because I take care of these cats. I'm not a good person, period. It's kind of the opposite, I think: I take care of the cats because they are here and so am I, and they don't give me crap about getting a real job nor do they judge me to be an inadequate and not-very-bright human - which is what I AM, but they don't care.  That's all it is - the cats and I are just outcasts, together. There's nothing noble about that. Plus, like the cats, I'm getting harder to re-socialize over time.

I still have the contest to give away one of my paintings and I haven't gotten the necessary 10 entries yet. There is time, though. I'm just glad I made the contest run until mid-April because it turns out that people are reluctant to comment-enter. Check the previous post for the link, if you are interested.

Shots in this set made with
Canon EOS 20D
@ ISO 800 / 100-400L IS lens.

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  1. I wouldn't trade my feral colony for anything in the world. They are the bright spot in my life every morning at feeding time and every night at snack time. The way I see it is, I don't take care of them - we collectively take care of each other. There are 7 of them who live on my property permanently, and I'd be lost without them.


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