Mar 15, 2011

Skeptical Cat

My intentions are good when I try to help and care-for feral cats. I would like them to have long, happy lives. Skeptical Cat does not believe me. Nevertheless, I provide some care and feeding anyway, even in the face of such skepticism. And I document the lives of some feral cats. That's about it. I'm sorry that Skeptical Cat is so skeptical.

This photoblog isn't about me; it's about them - the feral cats of this region. I don't own them. The cats' lives belong to themselves - the land belongs to others. Pretty much everything you see here takes place on my sister's farm, which itself is just one little farm in a vast complex of mostly dairy farms covering tens of thousands of acres. If this were a movie, I would have a "bit part."  I just take pictures.

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  1. You may 'just take pictures', but your pictures are taken with such a heart of love. If only the kitties could know that....


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