May 1, 2011

Bobcat or Hamster ...

Bobcat? Or Hamster Cat?

It's none other than Hamster (Hammie) the cat, who is looking more bobcat-like than usual here. Hammie is the bobtail brother of Lucy, whom I adopted. He's a shy boy but a very handsome cat.

Hammie was up for adoption for a while, but after 4+ years it's pretty tough; he's used to being here with the feral cats.

Just as a reminder of where we've come from, I managed to dig up this old photo of Baby Hammie, recently abandoned by his cat mommy:

Hammie Today: Film photography: Canon A2, Fuji Superia 1600
 Baby Hammie: Pocket camera, Fuji Finepix s3000

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  1. wow, he went from that tiny thing to a big boy! I love the stripey orange ones.


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