May 2, 2011

Widget The Cat At Rest

Widget the rescued tabby cat at rest during a days adventure
Well it looks like Bob's cat, Widget, has been having another outdoor adventure and he's been so busy that he managed to wear himself out. I remember when Widget was a cat that never went outside but once he learned how to open the door that all changed.

Of course, I also remember Widget as a tiny runny-eyed feral kitten my daughter scooped up one day because he couldn't see well enough to run away. And that all started his new life...

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  1. awwwww! we love when our cats do this pose... since we call cats "boos", we call it "Crouchin Boo" and naturally when they hide, "Hidden Boo". when they crouch in secret they become "Crouching Boo, Hidden Boo"!


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