May 31, 2011

Just Another Tabby Cat

another anonymous tabby cat
This kitty looks a lot like Tabitha (pronounced Ta BETH ah in honor of comedy duo Bob and Ray) but it isn't. For one thing, this feral cat is male. For another, you can't get anywhere near it. He's part of the contingent of feral cats that don't have names, even though I try to keep track of them all as individuals.

I actually kind of feel bad about that. I want every feral cat to have the dignity of a name. It's difficult, though, with cats that aren't friendly and/or aren't seen all that often - especially when they don't have real stand-out features. I guess I just have to accept my inadequacy in this regard.

I'll have more to show later... oh, and don't forget about June's desktop wallpaper (previous post).

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