Jul 3, 2011

It's The ... Thing - Tree Monster

furry tree monster on a branch, it is a thing
I was wandering around one day when I happened to spot this thing on a tree branch, just sorting floating there; a bundle of fur, defying gravity. What is this thing? I asked no one in particular. I had my pocket camera with me so I snapped this quick photo. No doubt the National Enquirer will be interested in my capture of some unknown creature. Perhaps it is the legendary Chupacabra!

You just don't see fur on a stick that often. Here we have an unknown animal that appears to just grow out of a tree branch. Well, sort of. I decided to go and get my big camera and try a different angle.

When I returned with the DSLR and long lens, I decided to circle wide around the creature so as to avoid riling it up. I mean, who knows what could happen. After making a wide half circle I finally got an angle to capture the frightening visage of the Great Tree Monster. Prepare to be horrified!

The Great Tree Monster is none other than Punk Tom the feral cat
The Tree Monster has name - it's Punk Tom. Punk is known for doing unusual things. I didn't know he slept in trees before. Apparently he can hang on in his sleep. And now I feel guilty for disturbing his nap.

Pocket camera: Nikon P7000
DSLR: Canon 20D w/400mm L lens.


  1. Apparently Punk Tom has prehensile tummy flab.

  2. Hahah or something. :) It appears that he was sound asleep in that position. Then again, the late Willem De Kooning, a Maine Coon, was known to sleep atop curtain rods so I guess it can be done.

  3. LOL....how funny. I wonder if you watched him long enough if he would fallen out!
    Katnip Lounge...love your comment!

  4. So funny I'm glad I stopped in to see it


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