Jul 6, 2011

Kitten Party!

kitten party adoptable feral kittens
I have kittens for you! Little feral kittens that need homes  - where are my kitten adopters, hmm?  The orange tom still has a residual cold but everyone else is doing well. This group of 4 kittens features two torties!

It's a tortie party! Yes, I know you can only see one in the picture above. From the time these babies were teeny tiny, one of the two torties has always gone her own way. She's sweet but perhaps a bit more aloof than average - and very curious about everything. We've called her Curious Georgia. You'll see her below....
Georgia, a tortie feral kitten - tortoise shell
So there you have it! Four kittens that need safe, loving homes. Because being a feral cat isn't all that great. Their mom is spayed now, btw.


  1. Shame I'm in the wrong country or Curious Georgia could have come to live with us in a flash!

  2. Thank you, Jill. :) Keep thinking good thoughts like that and maybe someone closer will step up to be a kitten parent. :)

  3. Beautiful kittens! I've got a couple of adoptable ferals for who need homes in Malaysia too.. Will it ever end? keep up your good work!

  4. SO adorable! And irresistible! I want to pet them!


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