Jul 8, 2011

More Kitten Party, Adorable Tortie

After all the play time, the newspaper-shredding and the wrestling and tossing of the Catcalls-provided kitty toy, it's time for a rest for the (I think) non-Georgia tortie baby, who is joined by Dora the Explorer - who is also a tortie of the muted variety and still a kitten herself. And both are very adoptable...

Cuddling with the catcalls toy so beloved by the tortie group - these pictures were taken with my pocket camera, by the way, so they are not the best. But I think they are still cute enough to share. :)

Part 1 of this kitten party, from day before yesterday, can be found here. Kittens need homes!

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  1. These are just precious. There is nothing like watching cats play with toys! Pure delight! Thank you for the kind mention. And the reminder - I need to send more!


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