Aug 9, 2011

Oh Punk

The Summer of Punk the feral tomcat
It is the Summer of Punk, the oldest feral tom cat in the colony. Do not let his looks fool you: You might think that he's the meanest cat in the colony too but Punk is actually a sweet little scaredy cat. He's the kind of guy who would have been someone's adorable lap kitty with just a little luck, but things didn't go that way for him.

I'm not sure how old Punk is, really but I might guess that he's anywhere from seven to ten years old, which is almost miraculous for a feral cat. He's been hanging out closer to the people, lately; perhaps he's just gotten tired of the feral life.


  1. Thanks for sharing Punk Tom with us again :)

  2. He's hanging around enough that it seems like he's almost asking to be photographed.

  3. Aww, I love his eyes. Though he does look like he should be sporting a mohawk and leather jacket.

  4. Ha! You should check the "Punk Tom" tag for more pictures; in some of them it appears that he does have a kind of faux-hawk :) :)


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