Aug 10, 2011

Tortie Kittens Need Love, Too !

All made-up, colorful and pretty ..and no place to go! Aww.  Georgia, the four month old Tortie kitten seems like she's looking for love. She and her sister, Non-Georgia, are a pair of friendly, smart, and charming tortie kittens that were rescued.
Non-Georgia (above) and her sister are the cutest things to me! I love them and I think torties in general are adorable. But for some reason they can be hard to adopt out. Which is sad.  Personally, I think they are wonderful; they have that special tortie-attitude that is unique to this coloration. I want to have them for my own but I'm already maxed-out on cats. And they deserve some love.

Georgia and Non-Georgia aren't really box trained but you can work with them; they are very smart. They need a loving, safe home. I'd work with whomever adopted them for shots and spaying as they get old enough. I just want them to be well-cared for. 

I hope someone will save them! Our rescued tortie from last year was not adopted and became a victim of coyote predation before the summer was over. I still haven't recovered from that one and I don't need more things to cry over.
Wouldn't you like to save this little face?
Anyone can use the contact links to get hold of me here - or on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe these torties can be spared the fate of last year's rescued tortie kitten.


  1. So beautiful! I wish I lived close to you. I have a friend who is looking for a kitten and she would fall in love with this little one at first sight!

  2. Well, spread the word around everywhere you can! Perhaps someone closer will see these girls and fall in love. :)

  3. I'll do what I can to get these little dears a home. Such a sweet face.

  4. Where are you located and how far away from you can the person adopting be?

  5. Well, I'm on the north Oregon coast. I don't really have a specific distance in mind: I'd probably need to deliver them so I could make sure they were in a good and safe situation.

    So the next question is, how far would I go, right? I'm not sure. The better the home situation, the further I might go to deliver them. Maybe several hundred miles for a super-duper good home. :)

  6. I'll spread the word as much as I can.


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