Nov 29, 2011

December Cat Wallpaper - Mojo

December desktop wallpaper calendar cat - free - Mojo. Click for full size, right-click and select save as desktop background
Mojo is a half-tail brown tabby. Even though he is a feral cat, he's almost tame.

This photo wallpaper above is formatted for a wide screen monitor and is fairly large - although it can be stretched or crunched easily for any desktop. There is also a standard 4:3 version is below:
SIMPLE HOW-TO INSTALLATION: Click on the image of your choice to see the full size version, then right-click on it (one-button Macs, use CONTROL-Click).  If  you get the Blogger Lightbox view you might need to click "show original" in the lower left corner, or just proceed to the final step: In most browsers you can set a photo as your desktop by RIGHT-CLICKING on it and selecting "Set as Desktop Background". - This also saves the image to your computer.

If you have any problems or issues - or tips/suggestions - just let me know in the comments.

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