Dec 5, 2011

Orange Feral Cat With Tire

Orange feral peeks at me from behind an old tire that is used as a tarp weight. This was the morning feeding since, during this time of year, it's usually too dark to take pictures during the evening feeding.

While feeding, I carry a pocket camera with me - sometimes I get the best shots that way: The cats are more relaxed and have dropped their guard a little. After all, we've been doing this routine twice a day for almost ten years now!

If it isn't raining or too dark, I take several pictures. Most of them amount to nothing; I take them during the natural flow of the whole food distribution process to keep the ferals anxiety-free. If I took a lot of time to frame shots they'd get scared and run off. So mostly the pictures are trash but I thought this one looked interesting.

We've had several dry days in a row lately - very unusual for this area at this time of year; a place where rainfall is measured in FEET not inches. I'm happy about it and I'm sure that the cats are, too.

pocket camera
Panasonic Lumix DMC ZX5

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