Nov 13, 2011

Fran The Hero Cat

Fran the Siamese former feral cat is a hero
Fran the Former Feral may look like an ordinary Siamese-ish kitty, but she's really a cat hero. And we're all glad....

It was Thursday evening that we discovered Spot the former feral was missing. He normally stays indoors at night but is out during the day. We have so many former ferals that we can't keep them all in.

We looked and called but no Spotsy. We have a coyote problem   - to be honest, we feared the worst. Friday morning I was out looking again, calling here and there - when I thought I heard a weak meow.  I hunted and called and finally located the sound: It was Spot and he was far up a 50 foot Spruce tree near the apple orchard. I think maybe something chased him and he saved himself. But then he was afraid to come down.  I called and Spotsy meowed, but he just couldn't figure out how to get down.

Finally, I gave up.  Then my sister came out and called some more.  No luck.  But while she was calling, Fran appeared. She looked at my sister. She looked up the tree.

Fran climbed to the lowest branch and called Spotsy.  Spot answered but seemed to terrified to come down. He just meowed.... Fran called back but still no Spot.

After a bit,  Fran gave a little kitty sigh and climbed the rest of the way up the tree ... in a moment, the meowing stopped.

Perhaps a minute later, Fran reappeared with Spot in tow, coming down the tree. Little Spot followed Fran with great care until they both reached the ground, then Fran went on her way while Spotsy took the opportunity to be picked up and held before being brought inside.

Fran showed Spot the way home. Spot spent a cold night in a tree but now he's had a meal and well-earned rest. What an ordeal for poor Spotsy...
A worn-out Spot takes a nap after his ordeal
 Fran was Spot's rescuer; his firefighter.  Congratulations, Fran - you are a cat hero. Thank you, Fran. I'm just sorry you never got the loving home that you deserve.
Hero Cat Fran


  1. Miss Fran, you are one smart and brave kitty! We will purr that somebody hears about your exploits and gives you a home. You certainly deserve one.

  2. Oh, how lovely of her! That's a great story.

  3. Fran is such a beautiful kitty! What a fabulous story about her rescuing a younger kitty. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

    Kind regards,


  4. P.S. I should have added that I'm very glad that Spot survived his tree climbing adventure and is safe now! Thank you for looking after and caring for the kitties!

    Kind regards,


  5. What a wonderful deed little miss Fran did for Spot!


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