Nov 16, 2011

Two Resting Feral Cats

two feral cats nap in the sun
Today the wind blows and there is a cold, driving rain - but I took this picture yesterday afternoon when there was a rare bit of sun.

Every feral cat knows that when there is sun you must take maximum advantage; sun yourself and get warm while you can. But that was yesterday.

Today we have cold and the rain beats down and there is not a feral cat to be seen anywhere.

Yesterday, I knew enough to grab my pocket camera and get a few pictures because I never know when the next opportunity might be. Yesterday we had sun and calm and although it wasn't warm it wasn't exactly cold either ...yesterday.

Today is a day to hide and to try to keep dry. Today is not a day we want to wander around outside or sprawl out in the open for a nap. That was yesterday.

Today, we seek only shelter.

Nikon p7000
Pocket camera

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  1. Lovely to see those two beauties enjoying the sun. I hope they are safe and warm today.. Hugs GJ xx


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