Dec 14, 2011

Orange Cat Takes Some Sun

orange feral cat enjoys some sun
The sun is low in the sky at this time of year and it is also rather rare - so every opportunity must be taken to allow its rays to warm ones fur.

I'm not sure which orange cat this is, from among the feral colony. I think it's either Coppertop or Gadget.  In either case, I guess the sun felt good even though it was a chilly day. Apparently, it doesn't actually have to be warm in order to warm up some fur; just some direct sunlight does the trick. It's too bad we have so little of that right now - although really, we're doing better than a typical December so far.

This was a pocket camera photo using my Nikon P7000, which I've found suddenly a joy to use once again, since the 1.2 firmware update made the autofocus work! It's really a great little camera and it has all the gadgets and button a self-styled photographer could want..


  1. Hes a Handsome boy.

    Thank you for all that you do for these sweet kitties.

  2. handsome little glowing boy!


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