Dec 19, 2011

Morning Sun Cat

Waiting for the morning sun tabby cat
Greeting the morning sun and awaiting the adventures of the day, a tabby cat is bathed in golden light.

There is no doubt in my mind that kitties enjoy their lives when given a chance: They feel excitement, anticipation and if things aren't going well; anxiety. I try to give them good lives.

Speaking of which... little kittens Muffin and Biscuit have been adopted. I'd like to cheer because we have so many cats and so few homes, but I'm worried about them. They're little and I invested my whole heart and soul into helping them live. Will the new owners care half as much? Will they be careful? Loving? How can I know? So I worry....

Photo via Nikon p7000 pocket camera : I haven't pulled out the big DSLR or medium format cameras in ages, now. I guess I just don't have the energy or something. Anyway, the Nikon does a great job.


  1. Congratulations on Muffin & Biscuit's adoption! I will keep my fingers crossed that they do well. One of the feral kittens I fostered over the summer made me feel the same way. He was extra-small and wormy and had a hard time keeping food down. I worried about him after he got adopted, but his new family keeps me updated and sends me pictures. He's growing and doing well. I hope Muffin & Biscuit thrive and I hope their new family(ies?) stays in touch.

  2. Thank you, Sarah - and a double thank-you for fostering needy kitties. Muffin and Biscuit went together to one family, who qualified through a local adoption agency. They wouldn't have been my ideal choice because they have dogs but the agency seemed to think they were fine and I felt like I had little input.


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