Dec 21, 2011

Only Fran, Up Close

Siamese cat Fran super close-up
Enjoying a moment of sun, it's Fran the former feral... Rescued as a kitten, Fran was up for adoption for a while but she never found a home. Now she's used to life here, such as it is.  Anyway, being careful to avoid disturbing her nap, this photo was taken with a 400mm lens from a good distance.

The way things have gone, I kind of prefer having Fran here compared to the alternative of sending her to a sub-optimal home.  This is always the problem I have with adoptions, even though they're rare: The situations are often less than perfect and I have no assurance about the quality of life a cat will have with their new protectors. Too many people see animals as an accessory, like  a potted plant - you know, something you have for recreational or esthetic purposes but is otherwise of no consequence.

These kitties are living beings with hopes and fears and dreams. Change stresses them, and I wish people cared about that. And maybe they do but it's hard to know. And I tend to worry a lot.

In any case, Fran has a life, such as it is. I try to make sure her basic needs are met. And while it is always better to be someone's special kitty, it isn't always the way things are. We just do our best.


  1. I have anxiety each time I rehome a foster kitty. I try to make my best judgment, and have turned people down a few times based on instinct, but as you's hard to know for sure how well they'll be taken care of. And when you end up with a feral or difficult cat, sometimes it's just better to hang onto the kitty yourself. We certainly do our best, and props to you for caring so much!

  2. Thank you, Rachel. I probably worry too much. The most recent adoption was through the local rescue group, United Paws, and they have their own procedure for qualifying people. The adopters were supposed to be extra-well qualified and all that - but I didn't feel that I had the input or final veto power over the situation and I had some issues, so it just made me uncomfortable.

    And thank YOU for caring for kitties! :)

  3. What a beautiful kitty, Chriss. Yes, I don't think there is anything more stressful than doing adoptions. I hate it. Merry Christmas to you. Midori, of Ridgefield, gave me your calendar for Christmas. I love it!


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