Jan 11, 2012

Black is Beautiful

Pocket camera photo of one of our lovely black kitties; Nano KayKay. I think she was born around 2003 or so, but I lose track, sometimes. She's one of the ones that got tamed as a young kitty but never found a home. And for some reason, I often don't think of her when I'm trying to find new homes for kitties.

On the other hand, she seems pretty happy and well-adjusted here, and while she'd love to be someone's special kitty those relocations are always somewhat traumatic. So she's just here, hanging out with the other cats. Except she gets to go in the house on a regular basis, where she freshens up her resume as a housecat.

I think she accepts her lot in life, as ultimately we all do, just because it's what's familiar and comfortable. It's not a bad life for a cat, even if it isn't perfect.

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