Jan 9, 2012

Widget Thinks About The Great Outdoors

Widget cat black and white Hipstamatic contemplation
Contemplating, imagining what is going on outdoors... I was clearing out my phone photos and found this Hipstamatic photo of Widget Cat, taken on a visit to Bob's motor home.

Widget is in the enviable position of being the one and only cat in that household. So as you can imagine, he's rather spoiled. He gets fussed over and loved and cared-for.  And do you think Widget appreciates this? Is he grateful for having a life many other cats can only dream of? Well, he certainly soaks up the attention! He expects (and receives) prompt catering to his needs. Yet he spends much of his time thinking about getting out into the world, as you can see in this photo.

Tabby cat Widget was an indoor cat for most of his life, since he was captured as a 7 week old feral kitten. And for most of  his life he was happy with that. But he was bored sometimes, too, and at some point he began scheming and pondering the world outdoors.  Through some cat genius, he managed to figure out how to open that door and the rest is history.

I understand, really, because I have that same feeling from time to time. It's a wishful thinking about things that could be, instead of things that are. Wherever I'm at, like Widget, I sometimes find myself wishing I was someplace else. I guess it's the "grass is always greening on the other side of the fence" syndrome.

For Widget and I, the world we long for is a world of our imagination. Widget does not think about being cold or wet while imagining the outdoors and I don't think about the time-consuming drudgery of city life. In his tiny little head, Widget thinks about all the interesting things that could be happening, about adventures and games and exploration. Me too.

Like Widget, our little imaginary worlds-out-there are full of adventure and new discoveries. It is truly the land of hopes and dreams. Missing, though, are all the real life problems and negatives that are an inconvenient part of reality. It's no wonder that something out there always looks better.

Soon Widget will go out into the world, to explore and discover.... then he will be back meowing at the door to be let-in. Perhaps I will do the same.

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