Jan 3, 2012

Eyes Full Of Hope

A feral tabby cat at feeding time, his eyes fixed on me, expectantly. Those eyes glow with hope and intelligence: He makes direct eye contact, trying to discern the meaning of my actions or perhaps making a silent plea for assistance.

I snapped this pocket camera photo with one hand while tossing out food with the other ...the ferals have lost most of their fear at feeding time, due to years of positive reinforcement - so it's an opportunity to get photos of cats we might otherwise never see.

Such a beautiful tabby - relatively fearless and clearly very smart; I'm glad to see he's in such great shape. I try to offer adequate food and shelter but there are other forces at work to make their lives difficult. Of course, we  can all say the same, can't we? We try our best but there are always things working against us. Life is like that.


  1. What a Beautiful tabby kitty. I just love the way you express yourself. Im not very good at that. Love what you are doing. You and your feral kitties are always in my prayers.
    Oh yeah..I ordered one of your pretty calendars. Can't wait to get it too.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful color eyes! He looks so robust. That's because of YOU!


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