Jan 30, 2012

Hipsta Tortie Cat Georgia

hipstamatic kitten photo, Georgia tortie
Georgia, looking cute but serious - framed by a bicycle and sitting on the bike cover that had blown off in a wind storm.

Always an independent-minded kitten, Georgia has perhaps gotten a little wild since her younger, friendlier days as a little kitten for whom we were trying to find a home.  She still likes people, but she's not a big fan of being held and, as always, she wants to go her own way and do her own thing.

I really like torties; they have their own unique style and tortie-tude. It can be difficult to find homes for them, though. Some people have told me it's because torties aren't symmetrical and people prefer symmetrical cats.

In any case, I love Georgia's independence and cat attitude. It would be nice if she had her own home but she's comfy here - and she probably appreciates my low expectations of her, since she doesn't want to be "just a pet."

This photo was taken with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app; John S Lens, Ina's 1935 "film".

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  1. what a cute girl. Her coloring is very interesting, especially the splash of black down her nose.


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