Jan 23, 2012

Kittens - Spot cleans Biscuit

Hipstamatic photo of Spot,still a kitten himself, cleaning the younger and more vulnerable Biscuit - a rescued kitten.

Spot was grateful to have a baby sister. He missed having a companion since his natural sister Wishe was lost on July 6, last year. He's been lonely. But with the capture of Biscuit and Muffin, Spot had a friend again at last.

Spot played with Biscuit every day. He bathed her and curled up with her. It was so sweet.  But now Spot is alone again; Biscuit and Muffin were adopted by an out-of-town family last month. Spot misses his friend.

We don't have very many adoptions so it's hard to turn any down but this was a tough one. And I worry about the kittens: The adoption was mediated through United Paws which is fine - they have their own method of qualifying people and I was told that this family was exceptionally well qualified. I felt like I had no say-so over this one, though, and I wasn't so sure about their qualifications. I can only hope that the kittens are okay.

In the meantime, Spot has to learn to be satisfied with the companionship of humans mostly. And he does like people, he just misses his baby sister friend. And I can understand that. Everyone needs a friend.


  1. Such a happy/sad tale. Do you ever hear anything from the rescue about them? Poor Spot.

  2. I haven't heard anything and I'm afraid to ask.


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