Feb 6, 2012

Pretty Brown Half-Tailed Tabby

Half-Tailed Brown Tabby Cat

To some she might be a freak of nature but to me she's beautiful: A half-tailed brown tabby takes a bath in some rare winter sun.

Her tail is exactly what you see; fat and short. There isn't anything hidden from the camera. That big, thick stubby tail somehow reminds me of the Gila Monsters of the desert southwest.

This month you have a great opportunity to help kitties and acquire some handmade original fine art, jewelry and more, thanks to the artists of Etsy For Animals. Personally, I love handmade, custom jewelry! My big wrists and fat head aren't necessarily suitable for bracelets and necklaces but I do buy earrings from time to time. Plus there are paintings, handbags, clothing ...all kinds of stuff.

I'm super-happy that these artists love animals so much. So go now: Etsy for Animals' special items.

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