Feb 14, 2012

Yummy, Delicious Food

The feral cats here are really lucky: They're really well-fed, at least for feral cats. And that's definitely a good thing. I mean, they don't get petting, they don't get to sit by a heater or lounge on a couch - food is their one big joy in life.

We got a generous donation of cat food recently. Thank you. I felt bad that the postage was so expensive but the kitties are happy. There were some high quality foods in there, too!  I kind of had a problem communicating with the person making the donation; it seems like my emails weren't going through. They have an AOL account and maybe gmail (what I use) is blocked on their site or something, I don't know. It was super frustrating though. However, somehow it worked out anyway and we're very appreciative.

love Valentine cat

Happy Valentine's Day, btw. :) The kitties would like you to consider getting a handmade gift for yourself from the artists of Etsy for Animals. This month is the opportunity for our many many kitties to share your joy through the donations of Etsy's best artists.

I'm super-happy that these artists love animals so much. So go now: Etsy for Animals' special items.


  1. Chriss-glad you received the food was so happy to see the page today with the big orange cat eating -don't know what happened with emails but it all worked out

    Erica landy

  2. I love all the little perks for Etsy at the end! I hope it's helping.
    So great about the food donation! God is good!
    Great photo of the kitty's tongue, too!


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