Mar 8, 2012

Two Torties

two tortie cats, one yawn
Two torties, one yawning, relax after breakfast.... well, one of them is a torbie, technically speaking, but the point is; they're cute.

The tortie in the foreground is older; she's put on some weight since she was trapped and spayed several years ago. The other tortie is younger and still learning about life.

The torties are happy to see me in the morning. They're both almost friendly, as feral cats go. You can't really touch them but for people they know (me) they'll come right up looking for a handout. They make eye contact with me and do not run away unless I come too close. I love all the kitties but I do have a certain soft spot for the tortie cats.

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  1. These two are precious! I would LOVE to have two cats this color!


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