Jun 14, 2012

Cat Lick Yum

Feral Tabby Cat Lick Yum
Relishing the taste after lunch, or preparing to bathe, whichever it was, this tabby cat was kind of oblivious to my presence - at least for the moment. This is a very pretty feral tabby, don't you think? He's definitely a happy cat, and that's what we like to see. :)

After a brief hint at summer-like weather we seem to have drifted back to something like fall. It makes it difficult to get anything done outdoors including pictures but we'll keep hoping for better weather.  In this part of the world, summers have been almost nonexistent lately, which is sad. But at least there are fewer rainy days at this time of year.

The kitties are doing well at the moment. I'm happy for that. I worry about coyotes at this time of year but I don't know what I can do about them. I try to keep the immediate yard area well-lit, and I don't really have another idea about what to do.  I'm looking for workable ideas/suggestions on how to keep the coyotes away from here.

I'll also need to figure out something in the way of a replacement for the cat trailer that burned. I also need to get the big burned one hauled away. I have all summer to figure it out but I'm hoping to find a small camp trailer free or cheap, as a substitute shelter. The one we lost worked really well for 10 years.

Oh, and last but not least, I definitely need a tree-faller for the big spruce tree that got burned in the fire. It has to be someone with a lot of expertise, so they don't land on something critical.

So those are the updates I can think of, for now!

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