Jun 17, 2012

Just Fran, Getting Some Sun

Fran Siamese-ish cat in the sun
It's just Fran, our Siamese-ish friend, getting a little sun. As I've often mentioned, Fran is NOT a feral cat, she's our friend; she was rescued as a tiny kitten who was very sick. Nobody adopted her though, so she got used to living here with us. She's a great cat, and very smart. We love Fran.

It looks like Fran has a bit of a cold in her right eye. She seems okay, though, and various infections happen a lot with a big group of feral cats. Also, Fran has always had one eye that was a little off, ever since she was a kitten. Poor thing, she was so sick back then. It took  a lot to bring her around.

I credit her own intelligence: When she was desperately ill as a feral kitten, she decided to seek human help (me). That was what saved her. Good job, Fran!

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