Jul 24, 2012

Tabby Tux Tom and White Cat

tabby tux tomcat and white cat
Even though I feed this feral cat colony twice a day, and have trapped most for spay/neuter, every once in a while I still look at a cat and think, "Wait, do I know you?"  This is the case with tabby tomcat.

Behind the tabby is Whitey, our mostly-white, middle-aged tom. We've seen him many times on the blog and pretty much everyday at feedings. The tabby, though, I'm not so sure about. He looks a lot like Mojo ...but not exactly. Did I just miss this one, somehow? Am I just getting too old to keep track?   The world wonders...

On close-up inspection of the original photo - admittedly taken with my mid-range pocket camera - it appears that Tabby Tux Tom has a cataract in his right eye. Hopefully it isn't bothering him too much as we always have bigger issues to worry about, like keeping them all fed.

Whoever he is, he is looking well-nourished and reasonably contented. I'm just sorry if I missed him before; I try to keep track and remember all the kitties. It's just my lame attempt to try to honor them and their existence. It's probably silly, but that's me.

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