Jul 26, 2012

Little Torbie 600!

Little Brown Tabby-Tortie
No, it's not 600 cats although I sometimes feel like it! Believe it or not, this is the Feral Cat Rescue Project 600th post. Wow, pretty amazing, especially since I didn't post regularly at all for the first year or two. :)

So for #600, here is our little brown tabby-tortie girl, a Torbie of delicate beauty who looks like a pet although she isn't. Maybe I'll even name her 600 for future reference. It's easier that Brown Tabby Tortie. ...She has her own little hiding spot here, complete with spider web. I  think I'm using a version of this for the October/Halloween calendar page next year.

While this girl is wild, you know that many of the feral cats in this farm area aren't really feral. They just don't have homes. There's a difference.

We've had a cool wet summer, mostly, but lately we've had a few nice days, so I was out doing some yard work and had an opportunity to sit in the shade.  I was joined, very quickly, by our friendliest cats, including Mort, Dora, Georgia, Hammie, Coppertop and Fran.  It was nice, and I'm glad they got a petting opportunity: I want them to feel like they belong even if they don't officially have a house to live in.

Covered in Fur, with Coppertop and Fran
They're happy and I'm glad. It's been too long since I've been able to spend extended time outside with them, bonding. In fact, it was over all too soon. And I don't mind all the fur.... it brushes off. The emotions, however, do tend to linger.

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  1. This may sound a bit odd, but I'm glad all those 'lost' cats have you. And I'm happy you have them.

    Congrats on 600 posts! That's alot of hope.


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